Transform Your Stories: Overcome Your Toxic Stories, Become a Courageous and Confident Leader, and Impact the World (Print + Kindle versions available on Amazon) Have you ever heard that nagging voice in the back of your mind saying, “You’re not cut out for this” or “Who are you to lead a team?” Many women struggle with stepping into a leadership role. Fear, doubt, and worry creep in and take control, causing them to second-guess themselves and play small. What if you could experience more confidence and courage to lead your team and get better results? If you’re ready to overcome your own toxic stories and create the impact you wish to have in the world, then Transform Your Stories is for you! In this book, you’ll learn how to: Understand what toxic stories are and uncover yours, Discover the role stories play in your journey, Identify your stories and how they’re holding you back, Navigate your stories and avoid creating new ones, and Overcome and transform your toxic stories. “The book that’ll give you a kick in the pants and then invite you to stay for a cozy, heart-felt dinner. Part encouragement, part study session, with a big splash of deep dive journaling, Ashley will help you dig out the toxic stories you didn’t know you had and convince you that you’re an awesome leader just waiting to be unearthed.” ~ Brogan Micallef, Content Creator and Strategist


Kingsport, TN