Week 9

CO.STARTERS Resources/Forms

Tips on Pitching

If you’re having trouble writing an elevator pitch, try using bullets. And challenge yourself to keep the pitch under 100 words. From Venture Hacks.

A high concept pitch distills a startup’s vision into a single sentence. It’s the perfect tool for fans and investors who are spreading the word about your company.

In one easy to follow infographic.

Fast Company gives five tips for dropping the phony facade and elevating your pitch so that you sound like a real person instead of a marketing automaton.  

This blog post from the Harvard Business Review encourages you to strip your organization down and see how compelling it really is.

High-Growth Business Resources

Steve Blank from Stanford University gives an in depth video course on using the original Business Model Canvas to develop a high growth startup business model.

This weekend event sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation is held in locations all over the country, and provides an opportunity to get connected with support resources while launching the first version of a tech startup in a condensed time frame.

A collection of startup resources of all kinds from one of the leading experts in the field.

Now part of the UP Global network, Startup America is an aggregator of startup resources, with many states having even more focused resources.

This grouping of some of the best accelerators around the world was developed out of the TechStars network. If your startup could benefit from a mentor driven accelerator program, this is a great place to start the search for the right fit.