Becoming a certified CO.STARTERS facilitator takes a lot of work! We know that you’ve dedicated great time and thought to the process and are deserving of recognition.  

Be proud of achieving the CO.STARTERS Certified status and share it with the world! Here are some suggestions on how you can share your accomplishment:

  • Print, frame, and display your certificate in your office.
  • Snap a photo of your certificate and share on social media.
  • Add this training certification to your Linked in profile by clicking here to learn how. For the name, type “CO.STARTERS Certified Facilitator.” Be sure to list CO.STARTERS as the issuing organization and our logo will appear. Here is an example of what your post will look like:
  • You can also display the appropriate CO.STARTERS Badge on social media, on your business website, your resume and other community platforms.

To hone your skills and stay sharp, be sure to attend the monthly Facilitator Roundtables where we discuss best practices for facilitating and other supports to help you in your role as a facilitator.  Look for information about the Facilitator Roundtable in the CO.STARTERS Facilitator Facebook group and in your email inbox.