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Enoch Elwell
Enoch ElwellDirector of Vision (CEO)

Enoch frames and focuses the vision of CO.STARTERS. By better understanding the intersection of economic and community development, he helps the team align on doing the most strategic and effective work to transform communities through entrepreneurship.

He loves CO.STARTERS because we are helping people and communities thrive. His first business in middle school when he got together with his siblings and started selling homemade popsicles to the neighborhood kids. It took off and eventually put the local ice cream truck out of business! He used their profits to buy a go-cart, and learned a lot of lessons along the way…




Enoch is the founder of CO.STARTERS, and cofounder of  The Company Lab and the GIGTANK accelerator. He played a key role in accelerating the renaissance of Chattanooga, TN by growing a thriving community of support for both world class startups and creative entrepreneurs. Enoch has been involved with startups since his grade school popsicle stand put the local ice cream truck out of business, with his latest adventure being a luxury treehouse eco-retreat, TreetopHideaways.

Enoch’s dynamic workshops provide a unique perspective to events where he offers insight on such topics as:

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem development: how communities can build pipelines of support to help entrepreneurs of all kinds at every stage of the startup journey
  • Stages of community growth: how community needs change over time as the ecosystem grows and matures
  • Growing grassroots community efforts: how to move from grassroots entrepreneurial initiatives to sustainable support
  • The importance of lifestyle businesses to an ecosystem: In an age where often entrepreneurship = tech, communities are missing a huge opportunity to support a large and impactful segment of the ecosystem.

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