CO.STARTERS recently began working with with Bryan Wachs, of Grand Junction, Colorado to support rural ecosystem building initiatives in the Southwest U.S. As a Regional Connector for CO.STARTERS, Bryan will build on his years of experience in the region to connect community leaders in small towns and rural communities with resources to help support entrepreneurs who are starting and growing companies.

Bryan has been a serial entrepreneur and business consultant in a variety of industries and geographies. Since 2000, he has been focused on internet marketing. He leads, which offers flat-fee internet sales and marketing services to creative agencies, marketers, and software companies. As a grassroots economic and community development leader, he has helped create coworking spaces (supporting our friends at Proximity), co-founded West Slope Startup Week and other community programs in his community and across the region, as well as mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs as entrepreneur-in-residence at the Maverick Innovation Center at Colorado Mesa University. 

“Bryan has a passion for supporting entrepreneurs of all kinds to build up rural communities,” said Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS founder and CEO. “He builds a narrative of hope and excitement for the future wherever he goes.”  

For more on Bryan, read his article “Celebrate the Hopesters” in INTERSECTIONS, powered by CO.STARTERS.