Ideally, a participant will benefit the most by participating in every session, particularly beginning with Session 1. The first session is when everyone gets to know the other participants and their business or idea, and everyone shares their concerns, the problems they are challenged by, and things they hope to learn. It’s also when everyone agrees on how to support one another and work together.

Knowing that you may have late registrations, although not ideal, a participant may join two to three days after Session 1. This provides enough time for the participant to review Session 1 material and have a quick 15 minute review with the facilitator. We also recommend the facilitator and new participant complete the “interview your neighbor” from Session 1 so the new member can be introduced to the group using this format. Also, have the new participant complete their “Someday” portrait to share with the group at the start of Session 2.

If you add a participant make sure to:

  1. Add them to your cohort list and group email
  2. Share updated cohort information with all participants
  3. Share any takeaways from Session 1 such as the Expectations Activity on page 1.4 – 1.5
  4. Meet with them to cover anything they missed