What is required for CO.STARTERS facilitators to maintain their certification?

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To maintain Certified Facilitator status, CO.STARTERS facilitators must participate in ongoing certification activities.   Designed to be an easy lift and enjoyable, these certification activities provide opportunities to increase your knowledge around entrepreneurship and facilitation, to connect with the CO.STARTERS community, and to strengthen your understanding of the CO.STARTERS brand and beliefs. To maintain certification, [...]

How can I be more flexible with program content? I’d like add some information that is relevant to our cohort.

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This is one of the larger improvements we made to the new Core (2020). Look for a blue icon that looks like two circling arrows in each session. (For example, see page 1.12 of the new Core.) One section of content in each session will be designated with this “skip/swap” icon. This section can [...]

I am facilitating a virtual cohort and some people never turn on their video. Is that acceptable? If not, how do I encourage full participation?

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This is a common situation and requires effective communication on your part. During Session 1, when you share the philosophy of CO.STARTERS and the value of the cohort, explain how important it is that we all feel connected and trust one another. This will best happen when we share our visual presence, so all [...]

What is a Get Started workshop?

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Created using the CO.STARTERS model, this three-hour workshop helps participants work together to explore their ideas through the CO.STARTERS Canvas, learn how to refine their business model through meaningful customer feedback, and define their next steps. The Get Started Workshop can be used as a recruiting tool for the longer CO.STARTERS Core program. If [...]

What is a Refocus workshop?

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This two-hour workshop helps participants find the focus and clarity needed to shift their mindset and find a new way forward. Participants determine the immediate next steps needed to stabilize their business, re-examine their ventures using the CO.STARTERS Canvas, strategize how to better solve their customers’ changing needs, and learn how to adapt or [...]

The activities where people have to draw makes many uncomfortable. Is it OK if I substitute something else?

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This may surprise you but this is the exact reaction we expect! We all have different learning styles. Public speaking may be easy for some while it's really scary for someone else. Doing something that makes us uncomfortable or that we find difficult, creates the perfect opportunity for growth and development. Doing something that [...]

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