By David Kraus

Though the CO.STARTERS flagship program primarily helps entrepreneurs in the initial launch of their businesses, we recognized that alumni often need help navigating the challenges they face after graduating from the program. To this end, we are thrilled to announce two new alumni-focused initiatives.

Good Startups Breakthrough Program

The first of these initiatives is the Good Startups Breakthrough program, which we will offer this October. The Good Startups Breakthrough Program focuses on promoting the wellbeing of startup founders as they tackle the personal challenges of starting a business. Through three multi-week “Breakthroughs,” participants will focus on addressing personal barriers such as expanding your time, transforming your fear, or preventing burnout.

After participating in the Good Startups program themselves, several members of the CO.STARTERS team were so rewarded by the experience that they wanted make the benefits of the program more accessible to the CO.STARTERS community as a whole.

“Good Startups helped me understand that a lot of the anxiety I was feeling was rooted in things that didn’t even exist,” Rebekah shared. Not only did Good Startups aid Rebekah in discovering this truth, but they also supplied her with tools for dealing with those anxieties. This kind of processing is critical for entrepreneurs, who face fears (rooted in both real and unreal factors) every day.

Enoch also found the lessons he gained from Good Startups to be invaluable. Emphasizing that Good Startups is “not just another gimmicky, hokey business helper,” he shared that he experienced tremendous personal growth through the program; many of his basic assumptions and engagement with his work were challenged. Not only did the program reveal truths about Enoch’s current fears and anxieties, but it allowed him to unravel how his childhood, family, and entire life influence his approach to leadership.

This new program offered to the CO.STARTERS community is a must for any community or business leader who wants to understand what holds them back and would like to achieve better outcomes.

30/60/90 Roadmap™

In addition to the partnership with Good Startups, CO.STARTERS is in the process of building and piloting a new alumni program. 30/60/90 Roadmap™ is a 90-day cohort-based program designed to drive entrepreneurs forward in their venture development. Surrounded by a supportive group of peers, Roadmap gives alumni the help they need to keep gaining momentum. For those looking to do more better, Roadmap provides structure and accountability over four group sessions, weekly online engagement, and one-on-one coaching. By establishing 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day milestones along with corresponding tasks, participants build toward personal goals and received curated introductions and connections to get them to the next level.

The pilot phase for Roadmap will wrap up this fall and we’re looking for a few of our communities who are interested in being part of the Beta testing group early next year. For everyone else, we’ll announce the wide release of Roadmap at least a month in advance and take pre-orders.

Alumni Social Groups

In addition to these new initiatives, CO.STARTERS also recently launched a Facebook alumni group as well as a group on LinkedIn. We’ll be using these groups to offer support directly to Alumni and facilitate peer interactions on a global level.

We plan to roll out more assistance for alumni in the coming years and welcome ideas. In the meantime, we encourage our members and alumni to sign up for the Good Startups and Roadmap programs! We know you will benefit from them as much as we have.