We have a great cohort that is very engaging but never gets through all the material. How can I keep everyone on track?

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That depends. If you are having really positive discussion on a topic that gets to exploring something that is important to the cohort, then that's time well spent. If conversations get commandeered by a couple of participants who are the only ones benefiting from the conversation, ask them to move the discussion to break time [...]

I have a participant who knows it all and wants to answer every question. What do I do to make sure others have a chance?

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The best way to work with participants that are excited to share is to find them a way to have an active role. Perhaps ask them to help manage the chat during a virtual delivery. Or if in person, make them responsible for the customer count chart. When opening up topics for discussion, address the [...]

I have a participant in the cohort who is very quiet. Any tips on how to get them to participate?

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One of the best things about each cohort is the diversity of participants in backgrounds, experience, skill sets and even personalities. We believe everyone brings value to the cohort experience. A facilitator’s responsibility is to consciously work to invite engagement from all participants even those who shy away from group participation. One of the most [...]

What is the best way to instruct participants to share information in the cohort. I want to make sure each participant is suggesting based on experience or knowledge not telling others what to do?

2020-11-08T08:38:43-05:00October 13th, 2020|, |

This is a great question. From the very start during Session 1, offer some suggestions as to how to frame comments and suggestions to make them helpful to others. Here are some suggested ways to do that: From my experience, __________. I have found that ___________. One Idea I will share is __________________. I tried [...]

I feel frustrated that sometimes the cohort doesn’t complete their fieldwork. Should I check everyone’s work at the beginning of each session?

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As frustrating as it is, facilitators are not responsible for making sure each participant completes the fieldwork. Each week, discussions and activities are built upon material discussed in the prior session so it is important that participants do the fieldwork. The fieldwork allows them to apply what the new concepts to their own business or [...]

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