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As small businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis, the CO.STARTERS Rebuild program provides entrepreneurs with a practical pathway and trusted tools to approach the market in new way, one step at a time.

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If you are an existing small business or entrepreneur who is…

  • Losing business and customers due to COVID-19
  • Struggling to figure out how to move forward
  • Feeling isolated and needing support
  • Looking for more than immediate assistance
  • Serious about doing what it takes to save your business

…we are here to help.



Built on the highly successful CO.STARTERS model, this live-facilitated program helps small business owners refocus their business, stabilize, and build toward long-term recovery.
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This program helps entrepreneurs…

  • Confidently move forward with actionable next steps

  • Adapt in a changing environment

  • Challenge core assumptions

  • Creatively problem-solve

  • Find short-term financial stability and take immediate action

  • Identify long term funding for sustainability

  • Tap into a virtual cohort of peers during this time of isolation

  • Connect with guest speakers, mentors & advisors

  • Access online content and additional resources

  • Receive ongoing support through a virtual community



Working with a dedicated group of like minded peers in a virtual setting, participants cover the following topics in a series of ten 2.5–hour sessions:


Refocus and stabilize.

SESSION 1: Assessing Your Situation

SESSION 2: Understanding Your Customer

SESSION 3: Finding a New Solution

SESSION 4: Refocusing Your Marketing

SESSION 5: Exploring Quick to Market Approaches


Move forward for the long term.

SESSION 6: Learning About COVID-19 Laws

SESSION 7: Streamlining Costs

SESSION 8: Setting Recovery Sales Goals

SESSION 9: Planning for Recovery

SESSION 10: Celebration!

Times are tough, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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What stage or type of business will benefit from CO.STARTERS Rebuild?2020-11-10T12:43:51-05:00

Rebuild is designed for existing businesses who are in the operating stage. If someone is in the concept stage and hasn’t launched, other CO.STARTERS programs may be a better fit. Rebuild is intended for early or small stage businesses from any industry or market, including solopreneurs or freelancers. It is not optimized for high growth companies or entrepreneurs seeking investment.

I am part of an MLM or franchise. Is Rebuild still for me?2020-11-10T12:47:35-05:00

While any entrepreneur will find some value from the program, Rebuild is best suited for entrepreneurs who have built or run businesses around models they have control over or can change. An MLM or franchise typically does not give owners that freedom. 

What if I don’t have access to technology on a regular basis to participate in a virtual program?2020-11-10T13:18:17-05:00

The live sessions for Rebuild are delivered virtually to any desktop or mobile device. Participants also receive a physical workbook delivered by direct mail to make it easier for them to work through the sessions and complete field work in between. We and our host partners will make every effort to get you connected to digital access to participate in the live sessions. If this is a concern for you, please let us know in your application.

I’m not sure if I can commit to the full program. Can I do part of it?2020-11-10T13:14:44-05:00

Rebuild is for committed entrepreneurs who want and need help, and a commitment to all sessions is required. We believe your wellbeing and your business are priorities, and we trust you’ll find the few hours you spend each session with your peer group working on your business problems together will become one of the most valuable and fulfilling parts of your routine.

Can the sessions be done back to back in a shorter timeframe? Why do they need to be spaced out?2020-11-10T13:16:44-05:00

We recommend Rebuild sessions be run once or twice a week at most. We have found it to be very important to allow adequate space between sessions for processing and applying what they’ve learned. Rebuild is also designed for business owners who are actively working in their business, often with little or no support.

Why the program length? This seems like an intense time commitment.2020-12-15T17:26:02-05:00

Rebuild typically runs 10 weeks but can be offered in as few as 5 by running 2 sessions per week. If you are serious about saving your business but don’t know what to do, Rebuild is well worth the time. The approach we use with Rebuild is a trusted model of providing deeper support for a longer period of time, which helps reduce overwhelm and allows entrepreneurs to tackle issues one step at a time with valuable peer support.

For more immediate intervention with a shorter time commitment, we recommend checking out our Refocus workshop.

“My fieldwork activity this week triggered a business ah-ha moment. I have so much work to do! I understand now, more than ever, the importance of knowing my customer and the benefit. I now have a better vision of my customer identity.”

REBUILD Participant

“With the virus kicking back up again there is a fear of being shut down again and not having income. I’m using what we learned in class to prepare.”

REBUILD Participant

“I have addressed my fail zone and am taking steps moving forward. I believe this is an opportunity for me to grow my business, even in these times.”

REBUILD Participant

“‘The program overall was wonderful, but especially when reflecting on where we’ve come from and the ideas we’ve developed [through this process.]”

REBUILD Participant

“I’m feeling better about recovery and the leads I have gotten from this group have been top notch.”

REBUILD Participant

“I cannot wait to apply these business principles to my business model. I am getting to know my business better than before this program. Furthermore, I am learning that I have more control over my business than I realized.”

REBUILD Participant

“Rebuild gave me something tangible to work on. I’ve had ideas and half-executed a handful of them. The Rebuild Program was helpful and forced my motivation to complete projects and really look at my business.”

REBUILD Participant


Rebuild is offered for specific communities through our network of regional and local partners. Schedules, costs, and requirements may vary.

Interested in bringing this program to small businesses in your community?

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Rebuild is offered regionally through these local providers:

University of West Alabama Rural Innovation
Bel Air Downtown Alliance
Summit Prosperity Initiative
Summit Chamber of Commerce
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
Staunton Creative Community Fund
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