What is required for CO.STARTERS facilitators to maintain their certification?

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To maintain Certified Facilitator status, CO.STARTERS facilitators must participate in ongoing certification activities.   Designed to be an easy lift and enjoyable, these certification activities provide opportunities to increase your knowledge around entrepreneurship and facilitation, to connect with the CO.STARTERS community, and to strengthen your understanding of the CO.STARTERS brand and beliefs. To maintain certification, [...]

How can I be more flexible with program content? I’d like add some information that is relevant to our cohort.

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This is one of the larger improvements we made to the new Core (2020). Look for a blue icon that looks like two circling arrows in each session. (For example, see page 1.12 of the new Core.) One section of content in each session will be designated with this “skip/swap” icon. This section can [...]

I am facilitating a virtual cohort and some people never turn on their video. Is that acceptable? If not, how do I encourage full participation?

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This is a common situation and requires effective communication on your part. During Session 1, when you share the philosophy of CO.STARTERS and the value of the cohort, explain how important it is that we all feel connected and trust one another. This will best happen when we share our visual presence, so all [...]

Our community has a strong restaurant scene for “foodies”.  We want to offer specific context for restaurants. Is there a way to do this? Can I delete some content?

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We love hearing when communities complement our program and make it more relevant for your starters. With the Core 2020 version, we’ve made it even easier for you to do so. In your Facilitator workbook, look for the two-circling-arrows symbol in the side column for facilitators notes. (see page 1.12 in the Core 202). [...]

Our group is asking a lot of questions about marketing. Is it OK if we skip ahead to that session and come back to this other material later?

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The CO.STARTERS programs follow the CO.STARTERS canvas. Each session leads into the next session and future sessions build on material and concepts covered during the prior weeks.  For these reasons, the best experience happens when the course is delivered in the order it was designed.

I’m used to facilitating CO.STARTERS in person. What are some tips for doing it virtually?

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More and more people today are familiar with Zoom and virtual meetings. However, don't assume everyone in your cohort comes with the same level of knowledge or experience.  Spend some time the first week making sure everyone knows the basic skills. This will lessen their anxiety and open them up to an engaging virtual experience. [...]

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